Algarve surfer receives award in the Basque Country QS

Martim Wins Zarautz Aerial Show

Algarve surfer 'Martim' Magalhães is well known for his aerial game… not the one in the picture (®BentoDosSantos)

Frederico ‘Martim’ Magalhães (Clube Naval de Portimão) won the aerials expression session at the Pro Zarautz. The session was held this afternoon, Sunday, April 3, the last day of the World Surf League Qualifying Series event in the Basque Country. The Algarve surfer won with a ‘reverse aerial’ and received a cash prize of 500 euros.

The Pro Zarautz was the second European QS 2016 event. In the main draw of the men’s competition, ‘Martim’ Magalhães reached the Round 2, finishing the championship in 33rd.

Portuguese surfers José Ferreira and Pedro Henrique reached the quarter-finals. Miguel Blanco was the best Portuguese in the contest, finishing runner-up ( to Jonathan Gonzalez), after having overcome the semi-finals the local favorite Aritz Aranburu in the semi-finals. Miguel Blanco, 20 years old, won 750 points for the QS ‘ranking’ QS and 1,500 euros in cash prize.