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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions stipulates the terms on which is provided the ‘Classified Swell-Algarve’ service and defines the rules for the participation of users. Using the service is subject to the full acceptance of these conditions.


‘Classified Swell-Algarve’ is an online service that provides user access to an area in which he can place or find product sales proposals. The area is only available for placing personal classified ads for selling equipment related to water sports.

Placing classified ads is free, and the user is the sole responsible fort the content of the classified he made available.

By placing a classified ad, the user is automatically placed on the list of email addresses for sending the ‘newsletter’ Swell-Algarve.

The Swell-Algarve receives no commission and does not get involved or participates in the actual transaction between seller and buyer, and therefore is not responsible for the quality, safety or regulatory compliance of advertised items.

Each classified ad is available in the reserved area Swell-Algarve for a maximum period of one month, or until the user / advertiser request removal of his/her advert.

The renewal of the classified ad after expiry of the time limit is possible, subject to a further placement by the user.

The classified ad is published after the user submits the form available on this page (below).


1. ‘Classified Swell-Algarve’ is intended to users in individual name;

2. The service can not be used by companies;

3. We do not accept classified search ads;

4. We do not accept classified ads of promotion or offer of services and events;

5. The user / advertiser must indicate the classified category (sport) most appropriate to the advertised item;

6. Equal classified ads are not allowed on the same item, with the same images, either published in the same category or different categories;

7. It is not allowed to publish the URL in the text of a classified ad;

8. It is not allowed advertising content that violates law, social welfare, rights of third parties or which contains:

  • vulgar content or offensive,
  • content that violates the rules of social etiquette,
  • content that promotes hatred and violence, racism, xenophobia or conflicts between nations and people,
  • false or dubious information,
  • viruses or any other technologies that may harm other users,
  • pornography,
  • generic photos, catalog and / or edited, that does not actually represent the article advertised for sale.



Add at least one photo and a max of 5. Each photo must have up to 2Mb. Allowed file types: jpg, png, gif.