Luís Brito

Yachtsman from the Algarve in the Extreme Sailing Series

Luís Brito, from the Algarve, will be the 2nd trimmer on the Portuguese GC32 (®DR)

The yachtsman Luís Brito, from Portimão, was announced this Friday, March 4th, as a crew member of the Portuguese Sailing Team, Sail Portugal, one of the eight teams that will participate in the World Tour Elite Extreme Sailing Series with “fly boats” GC32 . The first race will be held in Muscat, Oman, between the 16th and 19th of March.

“It’s a huge challenge. It is a boat of the new generation, a “fly boat” with “Hydrofoils”, said Luis Brito, to Swell – Algarve. The 37 year old sailor, was an Olympic Athlete in the Tornado class, and participated for three years (2009-2011) in the World Match Racing Tour. In recent years, he devoted himself to social and sporting Project “Solidary Sailing” and at the end of last year, participated in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Australia, considered one of the most difficult races in the world.

Luis Brito is preparing everything to keep the Solidary Sailing active, while he launches into the Extreme Sailing Series challenge. The circuit will have eight stages, in three continents, passing through Lisbon in October. (see calendar below)

Luis Brito was chosen by Diogo Cayolla, Olympic Sailor and “Skipper” of the Portuguese Sailing Team. The team will have 5 effective crew Members aboard the catamaran GC32 and two elements in land: Nuno Barreto (Coach) and Gil Conde (Boat Preparer). The 5 crew members are: Diogo Cayolla (Skipper), Bernardo Freitas (Mainsail), Javier La Plaza, Javi (1st Trimmer), Luis Brito (2nd  Trimmer) and a fifth Member, to the bow, which is yet to be announced.

From the crew members already announced, Javi is the only one who has navigational experience of the GC32. One of his main goals is to share his experience, and fine tuning the sales (Trimmer), responsibility which he shares with Luís Brito.

“All the team members already knew each other, but never sailed together. There is still work to be done. The team is made up of members with different experiences that complement each other, which can create very positive things,” said Luis Brito.

The team travels to Muscat on Monday, March 7th and will hold its first real test at sea with the GC32 on Thursday, March 10th, six days before the first race of the Extreme Sailing Series begins. These competitions are authentic sailing shows with the races being held closer to land, in order for the audience, to have full perception of the races.

Extreme Sailing Series Calendar 2016

March 16 to 19 – Muscat (Oman )

April 29-May 2 – Qingdao (China )

June 23 to 26 – Cardiff (United Kingdom )

July 28 to 31 – Hamburg ( Germany)

1 to 4 September – St. Petersburg ( Russia)

September 22 to 25 – Istanbul (Turkey )

6 to 9 October – Lisbon ( Portugal )

December 8 to 11 – Australia ( location to be announced)